Agile is still Dead :: Portugal – Brasil, Cafe com Rey

It was last Saturday that I got an invitation to be the speaker on a very friendly and informal meetup named, Cafe com Rey. It’s a small community of Brazilian Agilists scattered between Rio de Janeiro and Joao Pessoa.

My biggest take away from this moment is: if you are open and willing to help amazing things happen.

And why is that? It was on the previous Saturday before the meetup that I got a LinkedIn message from Rey asking me if Agile was really dead. When I got the message I had three options:

  • Ignore
  • Reply without being open to continue the interaction
  • Reply with openness to continue the interaction

If you know me by now, you know that I went for the third option, and so that’s how I got to meet Rey (an amazing person) and the rest of the group, and I also had the change to refresh my Agile is Dead presentation.

After 3 years of delivering my first “Agile is Dead” presentation, I updated the title of the talk to “Agile is still Dead” and I revisited some slides.

And so this is it. Even today I’m still amazed how replying back to a LinkedIn message, open to interact, with genuine interest, led me to make another talk, meet new people and have a good time on a Saturday. A lesson for life. 🙂

Here is the talk Agile is still Dead in case you are interested in peeking the slides.

See you soon!